“The sparrows jumped before they knew how to fly, and they learned to fly only because they had jumped”
― Lauren Oliver, Liesl & Po

And you too can fly if you jump. Training, learning and development is often overlooked at a personal and organisational level. The question is why? Is it the dollar spend that turns people off? Or perhaps the time it takes? Let me ask you though, can you afford not to spend on your own development, or your peoples’ development?

Jump befriends organisations and individuals to identify skills gaps and creates innovative and awesome solutions to propel you or your people forward.

What learning solutions would best suit you or your organisation? Jump loves recommending, designing and implementing learning and development initiatives tailored to you or your business.

Jump also delivers development workshops tailored to today’s work environment by providing practical take-away tips to implement in your career.

How can you fly if you never Jump? Let us spring you and your organisation forward today.


For Companies

Help you work out what you need

Let's get our hands dirty together and unpack what is really going on by conducting a thorough needs analysis. Jump will help you identify what would make your people awesome to move your business forward.

Tell it how it is

We are not here to waste your time. Jump provides down right honest advice and recommendations on learning and development strategies to meet your organisational and individual needs.


Jump gets excited about designing, developing and implementing real learning solutions to support your business objectives and plans according to identified needs. And it goes without saying; those solutions are customised and tailored.

Bring workshops to life

Let’s be honest, face-to-face learning can be boring. But, when Jump facilitates a session, the room comes to life. Workshops and learning initiatives are delivered in an engaging and motivational manner to achieve learning outcomes and help individuals leap and bound in their careers.

Show you the value

Nobody likes wasting money and Jump will prove to you that you haven’t wasted a buck. We will design and implement evaluation methods to measure the return on expectation and investment of learning and development initiatives.

Coach for performance

Not everyone can be Roger Federer, but we can all realise our full career potential. Jump coaches individuals to move forward in their careers through improved awareness and setting and achieving of goals.


For Individuals

Leap your career forward

Jump realises that in this day and age you have to vouch for yourself and take your learning and development into your own hands. This is why Jump delivers workshops to help you spring forward in your career. Workshops centre on individual and team leadership skills and provide you with real tools to take back to the workplace, use and kick-ass with.